A New Journey Begins

A New Journey Begins

By admin on 23 November 2022 in Uncategorized, Washing

Welcome friends, lend me your ears! I don’t think I have to tell you that this year has been hard, hard for me and I am in no doubt hard for you! Without sounding like a moaning Myrtle, as my beautiful step-daughter calls it,

it’s been a very strange year, full of difficulties losses and very little gains, thank god petrol prices are going down!

But for the first time in a long time, I am genuinely happy, genuinely positive for the years to come. “So tell me more?” you all ask, well there is nothing to tell. “That’s a lie Adam!” Yes you’re right, (Voice inside my head)  if i had nothing to tell why would I be writing this blog, to get more business? NO! To increase my SEO & Marketing? NO, (ok , ok maybe just a little bit:) As my wonderful step son tells me repeatedly, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”

About 5 years ago, I had a wonderful experience designing and building our own in house software with my partner in crime Lourens, we did the full process, funding (OMG!), initial conception, UI design, examples, static click throughs, and then the build process and finally testing and bug fixing, but humbly due to my interactive click throughs, bugs were at a minimum. I can’t begin to explain the feeling of logging in for the first time into a piece of web software. Without trying to plug the product, we developed software that can turn any linear video or multiple videos into an interactive product, that is easy to make and quick to load, thanks in mainly to some intelligent loading and the multi video part, enabling you to make unlimited “user flows” as we like to call them. We released, behind schedule but started our first job in 2019 and have been selling since then.

About a year into that particular journey, it hit, a Eureka moment if you will, from our experience within the web industry, we saw an opening. Most of the products we built in that first year were replacing paper based products, such as powerpoints, posters, product guides, building guides, even employment Cvs. I was convinced (naively) that through the power of interactivity, you could do almost anything, I was in fact half right and half wrong all at the same time, whichever way makes me look better (Ha ha ha). As I found out it was not the interactivity that replaced the paper based products, it was technology itself!

And right there, “The Paperless Tree Company” was born in my head. If you have made it this far you will know from the homepage a “Paperless tree is a tree that is never used to make paper” I had a mission, I had a goal. After a lot of research and I mean A lot! I found some quite amazing things, that if we could make small changes in the way we work and play, we could literally do nothing extraordinary and help ourselves and the people around us to a more environmentally friendly world. I really believed that before i did the research and after well, I will donate limbs if i have too! Try this extract from our Pitch deck, which you are welcome to read, (click here)

“Just Imagine as a start if we can introduce a single interactive product into just 5% of the 23.6 million businesses within the European Union, that would replace a paper single based product, the natural side effects would be astronomical! We could generate nearly 10,929,600 € of CO2 Savings and on top of that slow deforestation and reduce office waste all combining to create a more environmentally sustainable way of life for everyone, by making all trees, Paperless trees.”

Seriously just one product in just 5%! That’s 1,265,000 Companies.

Tree Heaven On Earth! Maybe I am getting a little over heated, but I really believe in what I do and I believe even more in the power of people, by working together only we can make a change! So I will make a promise to you, the reader, I will write a blog a month explaining what we are doing, how we’re doing it and keeping you updated on my company’s mission, to make sure every tree is a paperless tree!

Thank you for your time.

Talk soon



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